2018 January


Version 1.06 20 June 2017 Fix: Gene information missed in API results Fix: The limit of API concurrent requests raise to 2000 Version 1.05 10 August 2016 New: Add score labels to radar plots New: Add data of 33 Mammals to Conservation plots New: Add documentation links to scatter plots New: Add demo text file… read more »

3DSNP for Developers

3DSNP provides a more powerful way for users to access the data through the use of API. SNP data can be accessed by two means: SNP ids or Chromatin position. Overview URL http://cbportal.org/3dsnp/api.do Format supported JSON/XML HTTP request method GET/POST Login required No Data access restrictions Frequency limit: No Request Request parameters Required Type Information… read more »


Overview 3DSNP is an integrated database for annotating the regulatory function of human noncoding SNPs by exploring their 3D interactions with genes and other SNPs mediated by chromatin loops. The models of cis-acting DNA elements regulating gene expression through three dimensional interactions mediated by chromatin loops have been established recently, and SNPs were reported frequently… read more »