Version 1.06

20 June 2017

  • Fix: Gene information missed in API results
  • Fix: The limit of API concurrent requests raise to 2000

Version 1.05

10 August 2016

  • New: Add score labels to radar plots
  • New: Add data of 33 Mammals to Conservation plots
  • New: Add documentation links to scatter plots
  • New: Add demo text file for upload
  • Fix: Regular match searching replaces fix separatrix searching
  • Fix: Invalid exportation format of table_associated_snp
  • Fix: Invalid display of tooltips in page_detail
  • Fix: Only 20 largest scoring snps display in the Circos plots now
  • Fix: Calculation errors of position in scatter plots
  • Fix: No response to genomic regions (chrX or chrY : start – end)
  • Fix: Override responses when input quickly

Version 1.0

10 June 2016

  • New: ‘/wordpress’ redirects to ‘/3dsnp/documentation’
  • New: All hyperlinks will open in a new tag
  • Fix: Invalid link in table_closestGene,table_3dgene,table_eQTL
  • Fix: Error range setting in plot_ucsc
  • Fix: Over range indication in plot_radar
  • Fix: 3dgene is missing in table_main for batch mode
  • Fix: Messy display when exporting from table_main


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